KINGS LAND BOWLS CLUB (mid Sept-mid Oct 2018) –   the sands of time


Well, the green has had its winter treat and is sanded and sorted for the time being – we trust Mr Super Green feels the same!  The field carpark is also having a rest, so please don’t park in there unless making a heavy delivery (my feeling is that I qualify here!!)–  our contract currently allows parking from April to end September.

     Friday 5th October saw a jolly and well-attended Presentation Dinner evening at the Corners in Kingsland – we would like to thank Lynne Allen (BH Women’s President) and husband Jim, and Clive Handscombe (BH Men’s President) and wife Christina for

agreeing to attend, present trophies, and contribute to an entertaining time – we particularly enjoyed Lynne’s bowls rhyme starring Peter and Joan Brigden!    

   Bouquets to Splendid Social Sec Stuart Cooke– he has done a grand job for the past three years and we shall miss him on the Committee – we wish him all the best in all he does and hope still to see him at the Club from time to time.  Many thanks also to Kevin and Tess Morgan, our indefatigable Competition Sec and Bar Manager, who as usual carried on trucking at the Dinner  -  in spite of expecting a new grandchild at any minute.  The beautiful floral decorations and corsages were arranged by our very own Club flowers, Pat Allport and Chris Richmond.

   As always, we now look forward to Winter Events on Friday evenings – our last Tuesday Club Night was on 16th October; check in the Clubhouse for dates and times, as we have a varied programme coming up from November, including the ever-popular Racing nights (pigs this time, oink - wot, no Ratpack?!) from Jim and Jane Airey.   

  Meanwhile, Indoor Bowls leagues at the Leominster Sports Centre are now in full flow; some of us are swingers and some of us could be classed as flingers – but fun and games are had by all, and hopefully will keep us out of mischief and on the right track through the winter.

       Finally, I’d just like to publish a request from the Tarmac League – they are currently in need of a Chairman and a Treasurer, so please get in touch with Terry Collier and/or David Wood if you can help to keep this competitive league going.

   White and grey have had their outdoor day  -  have a colourful autumn, everybody!

 KINGS LAND BOWLS CLUB (mid August-mid Sept 2018) – !


Most of the swallows seem to have gone already, and  bowlers will be migrating (and twittering!) indoors as soon as October begins –  after the Sunset Shield, our green will be put to sleep, though Club Nights continue through October.   However, we gather at the Corners Inn, Kingsland for cups and dishes  - it’s our Presentation Dinner on 5th October.  Our next important event is the AGM, Wednesday 24th October – please do come and help our 2019 Committee to take shape,

    We had an excellent turn-out of thirty-two players on 9th September  for the Ladies v Gentlemen fun match, or as some prefer to call it, Us versus Them.  Special thanks to Esmeralda, Frederica, Gramercy, and Gwyneth  ( I have put these very helpful temporary Ladies in strict alphabetical order, or they might tear their hair.)  We thank Pat Edwards for providing the fun stickers – we like being Girls and Menaces!

    The cakes also deserve a special mention, as Tess Morgan’s daughter Ali had made a wonderful selection; the scones with jam and a huge cream whorl were irresistible.

   Going back to August, Finals were as absorbing as ever; congratulations to Joan Brigden and Chris Hill ,our Champions of Champions this year, and well done to all our winners.  I was privileged to mark for the Di Marco trophy final, as it was a splendid game between Viv Webb and Jenny Childs, who went neck-and-neck most of the way, with Jenny winning on the last end  - a really good contest.

   We also hosted a team from Dorstone Crown Green (the only crown green in Herefordshire) -  it’s always nice to see them, and also to experience a different sort of bowls when we travel there.  Wellington too has, may I say, a different sort of bowls; their artificial green feels like a fast indoor rink, and all too often we don’t get the hang of it – so I have to big up my rink – Simon Conway, Dave Perkins, Viv Webb – we cracked it, you’re all stars!  What’s more, it was a beautiful eve -  martins calling and swooping above us – bowls, birds and buddies, what more could one ask for?

     On 14th September we were delighted to welcome Gloucester Park BC Touring Team all the way from Essex; they were a lively, friendly lot who brought some sunshine with them, and we had a really good afternoon.  Bouquets to Catering Queen Irene for the visitors’ lovely buffet lunch which  was much appreciated, and to the catering team – Malcolm Morgan, John Gaynor and Chris Richmond, not forgetting Treasurer Martin, who was in the bar rather than the Counting House. Apples were provided by Mr Super Green, who bashfully hid behind a tray when thanked – but we feel sure he knows his Granny Smiths from his Golden Delicious!

Finally – thank you to all those members who have ticked their names, and all those who have carried on coping with tasks and duties – you are a credit to KBC. 

KINGS LAND BOWLS CLUB (mid July to mid August 2018) – wet stuff and whites!


Here come the conquerors again! – by the time this is in print, Finals Day will have taken place on Saturday 18th August, all being well; as always, whites are the order of the day for players and markers alike – we like to shine.   We look forward also to several snow-white matches in September; we shall be welcoming Gloucester Park Touring Team from Surrey on Friday 14th Sept – so put your names down, all you gallant bowlers -  and launder your linen!

 Our Summer Party on 20th July was a fine event with great participation and fun for all, in spite of that funny wet stuff which fell out of the sky and pushed Play Your Cards Right indoors with Rob Wheeler not far behind.  Once again we would like to congratulate Splendid Social Sec Stuart and Catering Queen Irene on an excellent event which gave us a wonderful social evening and raised needed funds – thank you to everyone who assisted, donated and attended, your support is invaluable.

   The wet stuff came upon us again at Talgarth, where distant thunder menaced along the hills, and at St Martins where the last hour was somewhat damp – in the scorching British summer climate we are not so used to wet bowls and soggy shoes.  However, we have bravely rolled on; more thanks go to the many members who have put their names down to play, regardless of recent stormy weather.  Compliments have been received on the quality of the green; Mr Super Green, you have been awarded the Smooth ‘n’ Speedy award! –  more seriously, thanks for all your care.

   We now look ahead (alas!) to the end of the season.  Sunday 9th September sees the teaser of the year – roll up, roll up for the annual battle of the sexes as the females

(also known as Ladies) face up to the males (Gentlemen, you have been warned!- other males, no gouging is allowed in this match). Our final competition of the bowls year is the Sunset Shield (Saturday 22nd September).   

   We can then get our mouths in shape for the Presentation Dinner at the Corners Inn, Kingsland, on Friday 5th October.   As usual, our AGM will be towards the end of October (Wednesday 24th Oct, 7.30 pm), so we urge all members to consider our lovely club and come to take part in decisions about its management and future – we need to move with the times, folks !