KINGS LAND BOWLS CLUB (mid Oct – mid Nov 2018) – tables and Chairs!


Firstly, after a well-attended AGM, welcome and welcome back to our 2018/19 Committee, headed by Mr Super Green aka Malcolm Morgan, who has kindly informed me that he’s not actually a piece of furniture – oops, wrong again,  I thought he was a Chair!  Thank you to all the  sturdy souls who have agreed to help steer our lovely club along; we look forward to your ideas and wish you well with club work and club play.  We extend a special welcome to our newly appointed Recruitment Officer Gary Lee, and to Joan Brigden – not only our female Champ of Champs, but also our new President.

   Friday Winter Events have now begun, with a quiz by yours truly on 9th November; many thanks to Peter Brigden and his team for putting out all the card tables.  I had of course promised to do a section on Ancient Greek Philosophers, but decided this was just too easy – so they got the bird(s) instead – do look out for the pied wagtails chasing the jack in the summer!   The weather, on the other hand, was difficult – but twenty valiant KBC quizzers came in out of the downpour and, with the help of Jane Airey and Jan Moore and their tasty bread & cheese, we had a most enjoyable evening.  A young man by the name of Henry was an enormous help at the centre table -  we rather hope he might take to bowls as well?     There was some talk about stringing up John Gaynor when he took out his smartphone, but the Chairman had previously reported that he was putting John onto the puddings at the Christmas Lunch -  and of course we all want to see that.

    And speaking of Christmas Lunch – yes, once more Chef Morgan and his Culinary Cohorts (never forgetting Catering Queen Irene)  will be dishing up the festive spread on  Sunday 9th December, so make sure you’ve got your ticket – places are always in demand!    

   Prior to this, eyes down at 7pm for the KBC Annual Bingo on Wednesday         5th December; as usual, this takes place at the Kingsland Coronation Hall.  Also as usual, dear KBC members, your donations of raffle prizes and mince pies will be very gratefully received by our new Social Secretary Chris Morris; all your support of the club is crucial to our future as well as our fun   

  We continue the festive theme with a Christmas Quiz and Carols on 21st December from Pat Edwards and Tess Morgan; it may not be a Silent Night, but it’s sure to be a jolly one, so come and join in.  The gatherings don’t end there, as we also have a New Year Party scheduled for 11th January to get 2019 off to a sociable start – and five more Events, including the hotly-awaited Curry Night, to take us into March (details on our website).


- if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact the Secretary:

 Susanna Checketts                  01568 770546