Generous Grants Support Kingsland Bowling Club Improvements


Kingsland Bowling Club has made some great improvements for the 2018 season, thanks to the generous grants provided by Sport England and the Severn Waste Environmental Fund. Two recent projects have resulted in the Club having the benefit of enhanced bowling equipment - including provision for disabled bowlers, and easier, safer access around the bowling green.

Sport England granted the Club £9,378 which has funded a range of new bowling equipment to provide for all ages and the training of two additional coaches. Significantly, provision also includes a specialist wheel chair, ramp and access steps which enables people with mobility issues or a disability to enjoy the sport of bowls. 

The new equipment  plays an important role in developing the Club’s ethos of making bowling accessible for all, which last season included visits from local school pupils and a group from the ECHO charity, which provides support for people with disabilities in the county.

Gary Lee, Chairman of the Club’s Committee said:  “The Committee and Members are very grateful to Sport England and the National Lottery for providing the funds for the new bowling equipment. We are delighted that we are now able to offer even more opportunities for people to participate in our sport and benefit from the gentle exercise, friendship and the improvements in wellbeing that bowling can offer”.

Severn Waste Environmental Fund has kindly donated £6,000 to Kingsland Bowling Club through its ‘Welcome to our Future’ scheme. This has funded improvement works to the bowling green’s perimeter pathway which has enhanced access greatly. 

Green Superintendent Malcolm Morgan commented:  “The Club would like to thank the Severn Waste Environmental Fund for its marvellous support.  Their grant has resulted in some excellent improvements around the green, which will benefit the bowlers, including visiting teams who play in our full programme of league and competition matches. Visitors and social members who wish to watch the games can also use the enhanced access, so that they can relax and make the most of our tranquil village setting”.

If you’d like to find out more about how you could enjoy the new facilities at Kingsland Bowling Club, please contact Susanna Checketts (tel: 01568 770546 or 

  KINGSLAND BOWLS CLUB (mid Feb 18 – mid March 2018) – greens are good for us!  


    It’s my pleasure to announce that the KBC Spring Newsletter is now out – copies are at the Club  - hopefully, dear Members, we can deliver to you if you can’t get there.  (Our thanks to Leominster Community Resource Centre for swift and reasonable printing.) This year Fixture Cards are available to all members Full and Social, so please take one; if none remain at KBC, I should be able to find one for you.

   Race Night on 16th February went off very well, thanks to Green Super Malcolm and equally super Pat & helpers; the atmosphere was electric, the turkey soup was most welcome – and so was the sight of my nag galloping past the post – several of my horses avoided the ditch, so the question is, will the bowls do the same?  (Answers on a postcard; this may be a long shot.)   Unfortunately, the Quiz Night of 2nd March was cancelled, a sensible decision given the following snow and wind.

    Spring Lunch (Sun 11th March) looked so enticing – but could only deal with cauli & two potatoes (tooth and neck probs  -  it’s the daily grind!). Still, I managed to mash the delicious pavlova ; dear Malcolm & Pat, Joe & Ruth, waiters & choppers, am so glad I came – it was scrumptious and cheered me up.  Numbers were down (greetings to all Mothering / Mothered) but spirits were high – another great Club bunfight.

   Sadly, however, we report the sudden passing of John Gresham – a relatively new member, but an excellent bowler, a supportive friend & teammate  and a helper with many things including Recruitment and work on the green -  his family would like to thank all those who attended his funeral.  John was a true sportsman  - we shall miss him, and we shall not forget him.

   Slabbing has continued, with contractors Kristian Morgan and Roger Godwin excelling - through rain and shine, finishing 3 days earlier than scheduled.   Excellence awards also go to our Club workforce; step up (in alphabetical order) Albert, Chris R, Gary, John B, Peter, Rob PM.  Have I forgotten Mr Super Green?  - how could I?!  - we have a number of  long-time great supporters, but I single him out to remind all that Malcolm uses not only his own strength and time, but his equipment and  contacts to benefit our Club -  he deserves our grateful recognition.

And now to April -  KBC Spring Clean needs you on Wed 4th April from 9.30 am.

Then there’s the  Club Opening Night, Tues 10th April, light buffet (£1.50), info,  and socialising.  And at last, the one you’ve been waiting for – Sat 21st April, 2 for 2.30, the Captain v. the President – but you can all join in if you sign up!  

   After this, the green is open, with roll-ups on Tuesday Club Nights.  We have our first home fixture v Talgarth on Sun 29th April.  HML begins on Wed 2nd May (at Ross); then on Thurs 3rd May we are at home to Wellington.   Chocks away!!

- if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact the Secretary:     

Susanna Checketts                 01568 770546