KINGS LAND BOWLS CLUB (mid Jan-mid Feb 2019)  –   Play it again, Tiger!


First of all, many thanks to those who checked in case I was incapacitated when the Curry Night did not see me in attendance.   I was sorry to miss it; some like it hot and I’m one of them!  However, by all accounts it went very well, with good attendance and of course a steamy atmosphere.   (I was out in the cold with a few lovely ducks; I look forward to being out in the cold with more lovely ducks when the bowls season starts – our Opening Club Night, folks, is Tuesday 2nd April – no bowling, but plenty of socialising and useful info.)

    Our next event was the Quiz on 8th February; we all had an excellent evening, though various members were away, so not quite such a crowd.  Some questions were a breeze; being a Tiger myself (astrologically speaking), I had no doubt which tiger was the biggest – in spite of the recent Curryfest, no, it wasn’t the Bengal – it was the Siberian. (The cooler, the greater – this may apply to bowls as well?…)

    When it came to songs, it was more of a shower; while the Treasurer and friends knew their musical onions, and the Chairman’s table hit all the high notes and won the contest, I didn’t know whether to Keep On Running or to give up and stay in Itchycoo Park.   Excellent bread, pate, and cheese revived us midway – thank you again, Jan and Jane – and thanks to all who donated raffle prizes, especially whoever put in the very mellow Merlot.   It was my distinct impression that Mr Super Green won some free valeting for his combine harvester – or did I get that out of tune as well?!   Chris Morris continues to do a grand job as our new Social Sec, and President Joan continues to distribute raffle tickets with the best; keep up the good work, everybody, we keep on enjoying it all!  

   Our final Quiz Night is on Friday 8th March - will we have to face the music again?- come and puzzle your brains!    Our Spring Lunch (£10) is set for Sunday 24th March; Plat, oops, I mean Chef du Jour Malcolm and  his Consort of Charismatic Cooks are beefing things up again, so make sure you’ve booked your place – it’s always popular and always scrumptious.     

Well, the daffs are in bud, the Fixture Cards are at the printers, and the Spring Newsletter is nearly ready to roll.  We start quite early this year to avoid the Easter weekend - the Opening of the Green is on Saturday 13th April, dear Members, so 

brace yourselves for our great spring match, when President Joan’s Jonquils will be in full flower against Captain Viv’s Violets!   After this, the green will be open for roll-ups and Club Nights will be on Tuesdays as usual through the bowls season – whether you’re after the kitty or called to the bar, we look forward to seeing you.  

(And if you’ve always wondered what sort of a game bowls might be, come and try it out – our Fun Open Day will be coming up on Saturday 18th May.)


- if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact the Secretary:

 Susanna Checketts                  01568 770546

 KINGS LAND BOWLS CLUB (mid Dec 2018 - mid Jan 2019) –  Christmas (and New Year) crackers!


First of all, a quick look at our Christmas Quiz and Carols; our Musical Directors Jo   and John Gaynor did a wonderful job, including a carol for those who prefer to be Grumpy Old Persons rather than Merry Gentlemen.  Pat Edwards kept us jumping with a hilarious group performance of the Twelve Days of Christmas – each Day saw a group of singers shooting up from their chairs like pheasants, or was it partridges?  Snacks were plentiful and served by an assortment of  illustrious Elves ; the Bolshie Barmen aka Martin Richmond and Rob Wheeler kept us hydrated, while Quiz-Mistress Tess kept us guessing.  Another cracker! – it was much enjoyed by a full house and we were all delighted to see Kevin at the bunfight.  The choruses were rousing – a most cheery lead-up to the festive season itself.

Festive feelings continued with a Happy New Year Party on 11th January, again attended by over 40 members and guests.  The atmosphere was so electric that several balloons burst, while conversation hit the roof and bounced back – games were played, jokes were made, and Auld Lang Syne was sung with gusto.   Once again we thank all who contributed, and all the valiant members who organised this.  Particular gratitude goes to our evergreen doyenne Pat Edwards with her unfailing vim and vigour, and to our Social Secretary Chris Morris – it’s not just the weather that brings people in, dear Soc Sec, it’s the great atmosphere you and your team are creating!  Thanks as always to Catering Queen Irene and trusty assistants, including our Chairman undercover as a sous-chef; and to Alison Parker Morgan and President Joan ( also undercover as a ticket tout).  We rejoiced to see Tess and Kevin dispensing good cheer together at the bar –  he certainly Played His Cards Right.  Yours truly was delighted to be included at a table where so many deserving cases won raffle prizes, and to conquer the Sweetie Quiz (dear me – surely life is more than Candy Floss!)  with the well-known Guess-Right Gaynors.   Excellently done, all and sundry, we are blessed to have you beavering away…oh alright,  Jimmy, rats and pigs included.   

Time is rolling on, folks – only three months to outdoors, and counting … meanwhile our Curry Night on 25th January is guaranteed to turn up the heat; there’s a Quiz on 8th February, so brains in gear, folks – then mouths in shape, as we have the Soup & Pud Night on 22nd February.  Our final Quiz Night is on 8th March.   We also hope to have our usual Spring Lunch in March, date to be confirmed shortly. 

(View from the Clubhouse - our beautiful green looks like a carpet, oh temptation - or has someone switched it for Astroturf? - all power to the elbows of our Green Men!)   

- if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact the Secretary:

 Susanna Checketts                  01568 770546

  KINGSLAND BOWLS CLUB (mid Nov-mid Dec  2018) – elves and pastry!


Winter events have been as entertaining as always; an enthusiastic crowd gathered for an evening of Pig-Racing on 23rd November, courtesy of Pigmaster General  Jimmy, and his able lieutenants Jane, Margaret and Chris, not to mention Henry.  Unfortunately (though I am only an occasional pig when pavlova and potatoes – no, not together! – beckon) I had to race off early, but gather that a good time was had by one and all.

  Meanwhile, we were shocked to learn that our Competition Secretary Kevin had met with quite a serious accident, and was temporarily down and out.  We wish him all the best with his recovery, and hope to hear Delilah ringing round the club again soon – I mean, of course, the song, not some dangerous shady lady on a smartphone – we all know how capable Tess is and we send them both our sympathy and our regards.

   On 5th December, our Annual Christmas Bingo went with a swing at the Coronation Hall; once again we had a full house, and we would like to thank the donors for the tasty mincepies and the excellent spread of prizes.  Social Sec Chris Morris did a grand job of calling, aided by his lovely assistant Viv Webb.  Thank you also to the  elves in the kitchen, those who lugged hampers to the lucky winners, to the hard-working ticketing team, and to all who assisted and attended - this event is always popular, and contributes substantially to the success of the club.

    Close on the heels of the Bingo came the KBC Christmas Lunch (9th December) – 49 members and guests sat down to a sumptuous festive spread; Chef Supreme Morgan and team (Pat, Irene, Jo, John, Rob, not forgetting setters and servers) who needs the Bake-Off  when you can talk turkey? – it was a triumph, and there was nothing flaky except the lovely little pastries. Thank you for your time and trouble, you deserve several medals! There was a splendid buzz of conversation – until the raffle started and you could have heard a pine-needle drop.    (Actually you couldn’t, as Barry James kindly supplied us with a Nordman, and Chris Richmond decorated it most attractively.)  The usual suspects (hello, President Joan!) had winning tickets – and there were numerous prizes to be won, so more  gratitude to all who contributed.  

    Now we look forward to a new year and a new season – but we’ve still got more fun to come indoors.  Our New Year Party will welcome in 2019 on Friday 11th January, while it’s never too chilly for chilli at our Curry Night on 25th January, and there’s a Quiz coming up on 8th February.   On a more sober note, it’s nearly subs time, folks; these remain as last year (£70 for Full Members, £15 for Social Members).

KBC wishes all members and friends a Peaceful, Playful and Prosperous 2019!

- if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact the Secretary:

 Susanna Checketts                  01568 770546