KINGSLAND BOWLS CLUB (midFeb – midMarch 2019)  –   Viva Italia!


   No, we are not in the wrong country, and as far as I know they still speak English in Kingsland – but I’m thinking about our recent Italian Evening on 8th March.  It was originally billed as a Quiz Night, but it turned into a splendid Italian extravaganza, thanks to all concerned, and especially Catering Queena Irena and her Mediterranean maestros – Roberto Wheelerano, Dino-Martino, and la bella Cristina Riccomondo.   

    Lost in translation? – well, possibly, but they won on everything else!  Forty lucky

revellers had a wonderful spread of pizzas,  two kinds of lasagne, and tagliatelle –  oh please, people, tell it like it is - it’s taly-a-telly, not tag-wrestling!  Alright, some of us who’ve lived in that lovely land still can’t locate Bologna on the map – but we had a great time trying.  So, hands up anyone who knows what the Romans did for us?       

  Yes, they gave us ground-elder, concrete and Sophia Loren - but it’s likely that the Legions brought over an interesting game called bocce or bowls (probably more like boules or petanque) as well, maybe even to Kingsland …after all, the Roman camp at Leintwardine is just down the road.  Anyway, we are grateful to all you Legionaries, aka you hard-working souls who have made our Winter Socials so tasty and such fun. 

  Back to to our February Soup and Pud, where we were equally spoilt for choice –     5 kinds of soup, what a lovely choice to have to make!  I went for a delicious cassoulet, but they all looked delightful; and the puds were just as tempting – congratulations to all the chefs and all the helpers – and of course to our valiant Social Secretary Chris Morris.  (It’s amazing how many counties there are in England, and how many one can’t remember when a quiz comes up.) A winning ticket came my way rather late in the raffle - my prize was a pair of lilac bedsocks.  I have to say that these turned out to be a bit raunchy, as they said ‘Feel me’. The Chairman, when approached, felt this was too much to ask - but they are nice and soft, honestly!

   On a more serious note, we welcome Terry Smith back in as our Men’s County Representative, and he will be assisting as before with Recruitment (led by Gary Lee) and Development.  The first of April sees our field carpark re-open – we hope it won’t be too squelchy after all the recent rain, but we’ll let you know asap if entry to it has to be delayed.   KBC Spring Newsletters and Fixture Cards are now available in the Clubhouse for collection; if you haven’t got your copy, let us know and we’ll do our best to get them to you.  

   A quick reminder about the Opening of the Green on Saturday 13th April – players, do tick your names in the Blue File and gird up your loins (and everything else) for an entertaining contest, whether with the Captain’s Cohorts or the President’s Partisans– spectators, come and join us.    Our first Tarmac League match is a home game against Talgarth on Sunday 28th April; mixed rinks are compulsory - so why not tick your name for that as well?  Gentlemen, how about getting your names onto the Men’s Board notice for Hereford Men’s League matches, starting on Wednesday 24th April.    Last but definitely not least, as usual we welcome would-be bowlers to try our Fun Open Day on Saturday 18th May.

- if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact the Secretary:

 Susanna Checketts                  01568 770546